For many of us, the Zoar Road Club is the place where our lives changed forever. It is the place where we witnessed others change their lives. The Zoar Road Club (ZRC) is a meeting place. It is a fellowship hall. It is a social club. It is a place where we can come together to help each other stay sober. For many of us, it is our house for our recovery. This house relies on our love and attention to remain in a safe, functional, and comfortable condition. The Zoar Road Club has done a great job taking care of us. Let’s return the favor.

All are welcome to attend, no membership or monetary donation is ever required.

For those with the interest and ability, you can help to financially support the Club in two ways: Membership Dues and/or Donations. These are tax deductible, and allow the Zoar Road Club to provide for the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the Club’s building, the grounds and operations.

Frequently Asked Questions


Does it cost me money to attend a meeting?

No! All are welcome to attend meetings at the Zoar Road Club, no donation is ever required. In the tradition of being self-supporting and not relying on outside financial support, each twelve step meetings at Zoar Road Club will accept donations to cover the expenses of that particular group. There are different groups that meet every day at Zoar Road Club at different times.


Why should I become a Member?

It is a way to invest in your recovery and the recovery of others. Not everyone who seeks recovery is in a position to financially support the expenses of rent, coffee, food, literature and the bills connected with operating a building dedicated to recovery every day of the year. Members with current dues are provided with a key to the Zoar Road Club. This creates a convenient and familiar place for people to come together for 12 step work instead of meeting in public places like coffee shops and restaurants where anonymity may be a concern. The Zoar Road Club is a self sustaining Recovery Clubhouse. The building and the grounds require ongoing upkeep and maintenance, which Membership funds help to support. Your Membership funds also help to provide social activities for our community in a safe, sober environment. The space at the Zoar Road Club is dedicated to recovery 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Operating a space that is always available for recovery does add expenses beyond the traditional AA meeting spaces of one hour per day.

Why give to Zoar Road Club memberships or donations, and not just give at a meeting?

All membership fees and all donations to the Zoar Road Club are 100% tax-deductible. The Zoar Road Club operates as a 503c non-profit to support addiction recovery. Most AA meetings are held in temporary spaces and this creates temporary-type expenses. The Zoar Road Club is a dedicated space for addiction recovery every hour of every day. This space does house 24 different twelve step meetings every week. That is a lot of wear and tear on the building and property- and that does create expenses. This space is also used for 12 step work beyond scheduled meetings where people come together, connect, and work to identify and solve common problems. The purpose of Zoar Road Club is to always have a safe space where people can support each other in staying sober, keeping an emotional balance, and living to good purpose under all conditions- 24 hours a day, every day of every year.

Who runs the Club?

The governing body of the Zoar Road Club, the Board of Directors, is responsible for stewarding the Club . The members of the Board of Directors are elected by the Members. As a Member in good standing, you have the power to vote and be represented.


We are located behind the Good Shepard Church on Thomas Rd, off of Zoar Rd. Parking is in the gravel lot between the church’s back building and the Zoar Road Club.

Zoar Road Club

14729 Thomas Road, Charlotte, NC 28278

Zoar Road Club